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Technical consulting in planning and development:

Stilopress Group, in addition to the design and production of the moulds, provides also technical consulting from the development stage of the project, which is generally supplied by the customer. Therefore starting from the customer drawing (in STP or similar format), Stilopress technicians realize a project that represent the best technical solution to produce the ideal mould. This is the first essential requirement in the production process in order to achieve an article that complies with the aesthetical and mechanical requirements, at the same time limiting the costs.

Mold Production:

For the mold production Stilopress Group employs a high skilled staff of artisans and cutting-edge technologies, which allow to achieve high performances in the mold life cycle up to 250.000 injections and beyond, ensuring the required tolerances even after a prolonged use during years, resulting in the reduction of the maintenance costs.

The raw material used in the molds production is certified Swedish steel.

Prototypes in Zamak and Brass

Launching a new product in the market requires costs and resources. For this reason when a project needs very expensive molds, Stilopress Group through a new technology is able to reach a minimal production of prototypes in zamak alloy equal to the result that would be obtained in mass production, avoiding to make the investment cost of the mold before being certain of the project success.

This represents a useful solution for all new projects before the final launch in the market relying on a minimum production of even a few units.