Stilopress Group is specialized in the fabrication of technical and aesthetical articles and it is the ideal partner of the most important manufacturers in different industries, such as:

  • Household goods
  • Sanitary articles
  • lightning
  • Taps and faucets Industry
  • Boat Industry
  • Automotive
  • electronics industry
  • electrical industry

The industry of the taps and faucets is today the core businesses of our group:

Stilopress is the supplying partner of the most important brands in the worldwide industry  and grants the production of either standard articles from the catalogue and totally customized high quality ones, such as:

  • Single drive levers
  • Handles
  • Zamak bodies
  • Plates for built-in devices such as Diverter and Thermostatic
  • Other components
  • Brass spouts
  • Similar articles