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Galvanic treatments – Die-casting – Tap components like jewels

Nowadays the company is experiencing the third generation management and it has become an International industrial Group over these years, which thanks to its sister companies in Europe – Italy and South Eastern Asia – China is one of the main players for the production of die-casted zamak alloy articles and components as well brass components. Through the integrated production process is able to provide the customer with the product finished dealing with all the production processes from design and construction of the mold up to the electroplating and painting.Read more
Stilopress advises mold design and manufacture both from customer’s design or existing article sample. On existing designs and items, and before going into production with mold, it is able to indicate changes to improve the performance of the article both in technical, aesthetical as surface treatments as well in order to reduce costs. It employs drafts-men and technologies which are always on the cutting edge which enable to get high performance products for duration, number of shots and required tolerances. The steels used to produce molds is Swedish certified steel which is best raw material that can be employed to ensure long life, even to the most high stress, reducing wear and maintenance costs for a minimum duration of at least 250.000 beats / injections.

Production samples without investment cost mold:
the launch into the market a new product that normally requires some investment for which a company often doesn’t have the certainty of the return as long as the item is not placed on the market. Stilopress, through a new production technology, is able to achieve a minimum production working prototypes in zamak alloy equal to the result that would be obtained in mass production avoiding to make the investment cost of the mold.
Stilopress is able to achieve a limited production without the investment of the mold. This solution is useful for all new projects that a company is set to launch in the market and for which it is necessary to understand how the market responds before to invest in mass production.

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Our products

Stilopress Group is specialized in the construction of technical and aesthetical articles and it is the ideal partner of the most important manufacturers in in different industries such as:

  • Household goods
  • Sanitary articles
  • lightning
  • Taps and faucets Industry
  • Boat Industry
  • Automotive
  • electronics industry
  • electrical industry

The industry of the taps and faucets is today one of the most important core businesses of our group:

Stilopress is the supplying partner-of the most important brands of the industry worldwide which grants the production of either the standard articles in the catalogue  or the totally customized very high quality ones such as:


  • Single drive levers
  • Handles
  • Zamak bodies
  • Plates for built-in devices such as Diverter and Thermostatic
  • Other components
  • Brass spouts
  • Similar articles