1. Offer request from the customer, after sending the technical drawing in STP or IGS format.
  2. Stilopress develops the design and elaborates the business and technical offer, usually in 3/5 working days depending on the difficulty of the project.
  3. Design approval and order confirmation.
  4. From the approval and order confirmation, it normally takes about 60/90 days for the mold production and the samples delivery.
  5. After the customer samples approval the mass production is launched; the average Lead Time is between 30 and 60 days, depending on the difficulty of the project and on the orders quantity. For very complex designs the Lead Time might extend up to 70/80 days.


  1. Implementation of the mold in certified Swedish steel
  2. Die-casting : Stilopress group among its plants in Italy and China boasts a range of hot chamber presses for a total of 22 machines from 40 to 400 tons.
  3. Quality control before the following process
  4. Start of cleaning and polishing processes. Depending on the type of project the cleaning processes can be automatic or manual.
  5. Start of machining processes: if required, they can be made by robots or manually.
  6. Quality control before the following process.
  7. Start of galvanic processes: Nikel plating, copper plating, Chrome-plating or Special polishing and PVD treatments.
  8. eventual assembly work if required by the design, packaging and shipping.
  9. final quality control before the following process.